Collect funds from your customers

With RCUR you can easily create payment links and you can manage payments and subscriptions

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Create payment links

Create a payment link and send it to your customer. You can use it for a one-time payment or to add a subscription.

Recurring payments

Easily add subscriptions or a one-time SEPA Direct Debit. You can all manage it in your dashboard.

Open amount

Create a payment link with an open amount so the donor can fill in an amount to donate.

Add attachments

Add an attachment to your payment link so the customer can download the file after a successful payment.

Automatic reminders

Send automatic reminders to your customers when they forget to use the payment link.


Connect your invoice app to send automatic recurring invoices.

Charge payment fees

Add payment fees to your payment link. A fixed and/or variable fee per payment method is possible.

Own redirect URLs

Set your own redirect URLs and the customer will be redirected to your own URL after a successful or failed payment.

Receive orders

Receive orders by creating a payment link and place it on your website or in an email. Also recurring orders are possible.




  • Manage customers
  • Manage payment links
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Payment link with open amount
  • Charge payment fees
  • Export customers and payments


€4,99 p/m

  • + all starter features
  • Send emails
  • Add attachments
  • Own redirect URLs
  • Add bank accounts
  • SEPA Direct Debit monitoring


€8,99 p/m

  • + all advanced features
  • Receive orders
  • Add reminders
  • Payment links without expiration
  • Use payment link multiple times
  • Personalize payment screen


€11,99 p/m

  • + all expert features
  • Moneybird integration
  • Acumulus integration
  • integration
  • WeFact integration
All prices exclude VAT and Mollie transactions costs

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